Welcome to our National Xooma Online Marketing Portal where our goal is to help you find your nearest local Xooma Worldwide Distributor and to learn about all the different Products that Xooma provides.

Welcome to our National Xooma Online Marketing Team Portal.

Our goal is to help you promote your Xooma Worldwide Business locally in the search engines. As a Xooma Distributor when you become part of our Xooma Online Marketing System by renting your city portal, you are on your way to your business being found in local search. 

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The key to a successful online business is having your site in one of the top three spots in the search engines.

Important information you cannot afford to overlook.

Whenever Google displays a page of results relating to a particular keyword, a high percentage of people will choose to explore the #1 ranked website. A smaller percentage of people will choose to explore the #2 ranked website and so on.

The average breakdown of these percentages is as follows:

The number 1 ranked website receives 42% of clicks

The number 2 ranked website receives 12% of clicks

The number 3 ranked website receives 8% of clicks

The number 4 ranked website receives 6% of clicks

The number 5 ranked website receives 5% of clicks

The number 6 ranked website receives 4% of clicks

The number 7 ranked website receives 3% of clicks

Hopefully you realize how important it is to be found in the first few listings.
Over time with the Xooma Online Marketing System that is exactly where you will be.

If you are ready to take your business to the next level, hurry to secure your City Site in the Xooma Online Marketing System.

Make a wise choice and become part of Xooma Worldwide, and then take the next to start building your business locally by securing your city site.

Don't send your prospects to multiple sites; send them to one site, your XoomaOnlineMarketing.com city portal.

Prospects in your city are looking for the Xooma opportunity, help them find you instead of 
someone else.

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