Hi my name is Mark Genovese and I want to encourage all Xooma Distributors to get listed here at Xooma Online Marketing. I am glad I found this marketing system to help grow my Xooma business and I know you will too...

How to get your Xooma Business Listed In This Xoooma City Portal System
& Strategy for Using Xooma Online Marketing Portal


My recommendation is that you get a city/community site that is close to where you spend a lot of time. The reason for that is as people find your site in their community they may want to meet with you and that is much easier to do if you are close.

If the city is available you will see this Statement at the top of the page: "CLICK HERE TO RENT THIS Wisconsin Lyons XOOMA ONLINE MARKETING WORLDWIDE SPLASH PAGE PORTAL"

The system is setup to accept only payments through PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account you will need to sign up for one which is easy to do. Just go to PayPal.com and be sure to remember the email address you use and your password.

Once you have signed up: You are going to put in the best email address and phone number for people to contact you. You are also going to want to upload an image of yourself or the person whose site it is. The format is a .jpeg and the size needs to be 90px by 135px.

The first thing you want to do after you sign up and have your picture uploaded is scroll to the bottom of your city page and look for Distributor Log In

Click on the Distributor login, login with your user name and password.

After you login you will see Cities Text Links and below that you will see the City you decided on. That is a link so click it. When that opens you will see the following; Text Link Section Header there you will put in a Keyword sentence or phrases related to your Xooma Business. Example: Xooma | Xooma Worldwide | X2O Xtreme | FocusUP | Buy Xooma Products | Xooma Austin Texas | Buy Xooma

Note: you can only use 90 characters or you will get an error. (Be creative)

Below that you will see Text Links - there you can put the name of your blog as the Title Text Link if you have one and then the blog address, be sure to use http:// before the web site URL address.

You can also put links to your facebook or other social network sites. Be sure to go to those sites and in your profile link back to your Xooma Online Marketing Wisconsin Lyons Portal The link to this cities portal is:


Examples: These two are fine if you are linking to these sites.
Title: Join YourName on Facebook Link: http://www.facebook.com/yoursitename
Title: Join YourName on Twitter Link: http://www.Twiter.com/UserName

You want to use in the Text Titles the site name like Squidoo and the keyword or keyword phrase.
Ex: Mark's Squidoo lens on wetter water or X2O extreme. You get the idea, you want them to be unique so use your imagination. Use keywords or keyword phrases and the name of the site.

It is Preferable that you do not link to your Xooma replicated sites theses portals are already linked to all the pages in your replicated sites as can be linked too.

Note: If you do not have six sites you can link to then my suggestion is that you, go to blogger.com and setup a blogger blog about Xooma, very easy to do. You can also go to Tumblr.com and set up a site. On most sites like this you can put a link back to your city site which is important to the whole process, on your profile page. You can also go into your back office and generate a link with the link generator to a signup page about different products.

It is important that you try to use all of these text link boxes and titles. It is best that they go to domains and social networks that you can link back to your city portal site from!

When sharing with someone about Xooma send them to your Xooma Online Marketing City Portal Site. You have all the videos and links to view the different products. We have also included a clickable link so they can join your team right from your page.

My suggestion is that you share your city page with everyone you bring into Xooma. Recommend that they can rent a city/community site that is close to where they reside. The more of your team members participating in the portal system, the more traffic that will be going to your team over time.

Also the more people that rent one of these sites, the more ranking it will give all of us that have one of these sites in the search engines.

Just so you are aware, your information will rotate on all the city sites in your State that are not yet rented.

This is a very powerful system and this site is going to help you build your Xooma business.

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Xooma Online Marketing Is an independent marketing system developed by MANE World Promotions, Inc. for the benefit of all Xooma Distributors. If you need support please do not contact Xooma Worldwide. Please contact to your Xooma sponsor Mark Genovese or call Rodney Appleton at: 209-587-6236