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Welcome to our Crystal Falls Michigan Xooma Xtreme X2O City Portal! 

My name is Herb Hunter I am your host and proud to be your Crystal Falls Michigan Independent XOOMA representative. 

Please look over this Xooma Xtreme X20 portal and if you should have any questions at all please contact me at: hunter645aol.com or Phone Herb at: (734) 285-6792

What is Xtreme X2O?

Xtreme X2O is an all-natural, organic mineral complex derived from a pristine ocean source found near the Okinawan Islands. Harvested in its natural form, we use a patented processing method to ensure the highest level of purity and safety before packaging this powerful product into individual, ready-to-use "sachets."

  Hydrate, Mineralize, & Revitalize with X2O! Xtreme X2O Weight Loss Water
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  Transform your water! Make X2O your daily source for hydration and refreshment!

Transform your water! Make X2O your daily source for hydration and refreshment!

It's as easy as 1-2-3!

Step 1: Drop an X2O sachet ("teabag") in 18-24 ounces of purified or bottled water.
Step 2: Shake for 10-15 seconds
Step 3: Allow 5 minutes for X2O to transform your water before drinking

Hydrate, Mineralize, & Revitalize with X2O!

"Supercharge" Your Water
Today, with the overwhelming evidence of all the known contaminants found in standard tap water, purified and bottled water is more popular than ever. And while purified water is definitely a much healthier choice its still plain water.

Why drink just plain water when you can supercharge your water? Just one sachet of Xtreme X2O adds vital minerals and electrolytes to your water while it helps hydrate you at the cellular level and provide a boost of alkalinity to your body. In fact, Xtreme X2O is powerful enough to transform standard tap water into a much healthier form of water. (Click on the "Videos" link below to see how Xtreme X2O neutralizes the chlorine typically found in tap water)

Is Your Body Running on Empty?    Did you know?
pH Balance:
Dehydration is a primary reason for daytime fatigue and can slow down your metabolism as much as 3%
Just a 1%-2% drop in body water can impair your mental focus, concentration, and physical performance.
Beverages that contain caffeine such as colas, coffee, or tea actually stimulate fluid loss and promote dehydration.
Exercise and prolonged activity cause you to lose vital electrolytes, which are critical for nerve impulses and muscle contractions.
Quicky replenishing lost electrolytes is essential for peak physical performance.
Major electrolytes (minerals) needed by your body are calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, and chloride, which can all be found in Xtreme X2O.
Disease and illness thrive in an acidic environment but can't survive in an alkaline environment.
"Alkalinity" equals oxygen and oxygen equals good health.
To maintain healthy pH balance, your body must have an abundant supply of ionic minerals - especially calcium.

STRESS is one of the most significant causes of acidic conditions in your body.

Hydrate: X2O sachets actually make water "wetter" by lowering the surface tension of water molecules. This dramatically increases your water's ability to hydrate your body at the cellular level.

pH Defined: pH simply means potential hydrogen. Every one-point decrease on the pH scale is 10 times more acidic. For example, a drop from 7.0 to 2.0 is 100,000 times more acidic for your body!

Mineralize: Every Sachet of X2O contains calcium, magnesium, and over 70 trace minerals. These essential minerals (electrolytes) become ionic in water allowing them to be absorbed quickly and easily by your body.


WHY Water is Critical to Your Good Health

Your body is designed to be approx. 70% water. The most critical fluid in your body, your blood, is mostly water. Your muscles, skin, and vital organs all contain and need large amounts of water for optimal health. Water also transports oxygen to your cells, delivers nutrients, removes waste, and provides energy to the body.

Signs of Dehydration
Your body loses approx. 2.5 liters of water every day just through normal bodily functions. You lose water through urination, respiration, and perspiration. If you are physically active or athletic, you lose even more water. Although “thirst” is an obvious sign of dehydration, the TRUTH is your body is in need of water long before you feel thirsty.

Symptoms of mild dehydration include chronic pains in joints and muscles, lower back pain, headaches, and constipation. A strong odor to your urine, along with a yellow or amber color indicates that you are not getting enough water.

Alkalinity = Good Health!

“The cells of a healthy body are alkaline while the cells of a diseased body are acidic.” – Dr. Arthur Guyton (author of the “Textbook of Medical Physiology”)

Is Your Body Acidic?
Some of the symptoms associated with acidic conditions in the body include weight loss problems, insomnia, water retention, arthritis, migraine headaches, constipation, colds, flu, stomach ulcers, acid reflux and even cancer. Many health experts agree that an overly acidic body greatly diminishes the effectiveness of your immune system and usually leads to disease.

Acidic conditions in the body are caused by: junk food, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, sodas, coffee, sports drinks, alcohol, environmental toxins, and stress. Considering this long list of items that can lead to acidic challenges in our body, it becomes very clear why it is so important to drink an alkaline beverage like Xtreme X2O every day.

WHY pH balance is critical to your health
In order for the body to maintain optimal health, it needs to manage a very narrow pH range (slightly alkaline) - especially in the blood. In fact, the body will go to almost any length necessary to maintain your blood pH at 7.34 – 7.45 because anything outside that pH range could result in death.

The process of restoring pH balance in your body always includes proper diet and nutrition. This means eating alkalizing foods (vegetables, low sugar fruits, etc.) and getting proper nutritional supplementation. However, the foundation of healthy pH balance is in drinking plenty of alkaline water. And the easiest way to “supercharge” the alkalinity of your water is by adding an Xtreme X2O sachet!

Measuring Acid/ Alkaline Balance:
Scientists can determine if a liquid is alkaline or acidic by simply testing the “pH” of that liquid. “pH” means “potential hydrogen.” The pH scale range is from 0-14 with 7 being “neutral.” Readings below 7 are acidic and readings above 7 are alkaline. A one-point decrease on the pH scale represents that a liquid is 10 times more acidic. For example, a drop from 7.0 (neutral) to 2.0 means a liquid is 100,000 times more acidic to your body!

Xooma Product Line
X2O - Xtreme X2O is the next generation in healthy water to help you maintain optimal physical health. Simply add a sachet of X2O to your drinking water and provide your body with 74+ essential trace minerals and assist your body in maintaining a healthy internal pH balance by alkalizing your water.
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X2O Blast - Powerful "Super Antioxidant" Just 1 serving of X2O Blast per day can give us and our children the equivalent ORAC value of eating 5 servings of fruit and vegetables per day.
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MetaboWize - An all natural system that helps to stimulate your metabolism and reduce your appetite.  One of the big concerns with most people wanting to lose weight is being able to control cravings and with metabowize it is easy to do that  It is not just a matter of losing weight but more importantly it is about burning fat.
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 FocusUP -  If you are looking for pure energy then FocusUP is the product for you.  It comes in a convenient little packet that makes it easy it easy to have on hand.  If you are wondering how to get more energy, all you need is the Xooma Worldwide product FocusUP.

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This Crystal Falls Michigan Xooma Xtreme X2O City Portal belongs to Herb Hunter.  Herb is your host and proud to be your Crystal Falls Independent XOOMA representative and sponsor. 

Please if you should have any questions at all please contact me at: hunter645aol.com or Phone me at: (734) 285-6792

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